Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is coming, it’s time to take stock of Meredith Gray.

After we wondered if April, Arizona, Alex and the other characters from Grey’s Anatomy could return because of a tragedy in the very last episode, we are interested in a character who is always present: Meredith Gray ( Ellen Pompeo). The heroine of the medical series has changed a lot over the years, and she has fortunately lost some of her worst habits. But is it really flawless so far? Far from it … Even if it is a character that we respect and that we have learned to appreciate enormously, we therefore offer you a little feedback on his most annoying faults.

Meredith gray

Meredith’s worst flaw, which will surely always be visible in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, is her arrogance. Even if it is less so than Derek, Meredith has become more and more arrogant over the seasons, thus preventing him from questioning himself in situations where it would however be an essential thing. Even when she’s on the wrong side of the law – or morality – Meredith believes she is right, has the right to do anything and break the rules. It’s a habit we have seen in her since the very first season broadcast on ABC, and it’s an attitude that she could have changed as she matured …

Ellen Pompeo

The other defect that we would like to no longer see in Meredith Gray is her tendency to trust no one, not even the people around her or her family. We can understand that with a mother like hers, Meredith did not grow up in a very warm environment. But then she met people who were there for her in everything she went through, and despite this, she still has the annoying habit of thinking that everyone is there to put her in the way. As soon as she has a disagreement with a friend, a member of her family or a colleague, Meredith makes a whole drama of it, something which becomes more and more exhausting.



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