Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has not yet started that we are interested in the final episode of the series.

Grey’s Anatomy is no longer part of the 2020 Series World Cup but you can still vote for your favorite series every day right here to make them win. And while we wait to see who will be victorious, we look at the end – still not planned – from Shonda Rhimes’ famous medical drama. Like many fans, we have often wondered how the series could end and especially if the end will be able to meet the expectations of all viewers. We know that for the moment, the final season is far from being planned since several actresses and actors have just signed a contract for 3 new seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, but that does not prevent us from questioning ourselves …

The famous credits – Credit (s): abc

Plot level, the possibilities are numerous and episode title levels too, but concerning the latter we still have a little idea. Since each episode title is also a song title, and during special episodes they often have a special meaning, it would be nice if the final series were titled “Cozy in the Rocket “, which is also the title song of Grey’s Anatomy sung by Psapp. Fans of the first hour have surely not forgotten the notes of the song, and we recently wondered why the cult credits of Grey’s Anatomy disappeared.

What end for Meredith?
What end for Meredith? – Credit (s): abc

Although the meaning of the song is not as obvious as some music in the series like How to Save a Life, we must admit that hearing the music of the credits one last time, integrated into the episode, could clearly be appreciable. A way for the series to pay tribute to all those who have been there since the very first season, and who have seen the evolution of Meredith, Alex, Miranda and others over the years. And you, how do you think the very last episode will be titled? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments!


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