Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy takes shape …

While the series is fighting on the occasion of the World Series Cup on melty for which you can vote every day right here, we look back on the next season of Grey’s Anatomy and on what to expect. Showrunner Krista Vernoff recently shared some information with TVLine, information that will help us to wait until we have a broadcast date on ABC. As a reminder, season 16 was supposed to have 4 more episodes which unfortunately could not be shot or broadcast due to the coronavirus. But that does not mean that these episodes will go by the wayside.

Meredith Gray
Meredith Gray – Credit (s): abc

“We do not make sure to absolutely re-write in season 17 what we had planned for the end of season 16. But that does not prevent that in season 17, you will see some scenes which resume directly where we left off. ‘is stopped. We shot some really good stuff that couldn’t be broadcast, so we figured out a way to fit it into the season premiere. “. A few images of what should have been the end of Season 16 will therefore appear at the start of Season 17. A season that promises to be unprecedented because of the coronavirus. “We’re trying to speak properly about the Covid in the new season, and it’s a whole new world for our hospital and all of our characters”. And while waiting to discover this world in question, we wondered what would have happened in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy if George had not died.


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