Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy could have been extremely different …

While the Series World Cup continues on melty, we are interested in one of its participants and more particularly what we could have seen. Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has not started on ABC, but we already know that it will take place without Alex Karev since Justin Chambers recently left the series. Yet we can’t help but imagine that if a little element had been different a few seasons ago, Alex could still have been a part of the show.. The element in question is the presence of George, whose interpreter TR Knight had some communication problems with Shonda Rhimes and his team.

George's death
George’s death – Credit (s): abc

George O’Malley died sacrificing himself to save a young woman, but we imagine that if he had stayed on the show, Grey’s Anatomy would be very different. For example, it could be that rather than separate, Izzie and Alex have remained a couple thanks to George. Izzie’s best friend could have reasoned with her and, grateful, Alex could have gotten closer to him. We also know that Karev has had an impressive development since the first seasons and it would have been interesting to see how he would have behaved with George. But he’s not the only character we would have liked to see him interact with.

The MAGIC team
The MAGIC team – Credit (s): abc

April, Jackson, and others didn’t arrive until after George died, and while April was far from popular in her early seasons, something tells us that she might have gotten along with George just fine. . Grey’s Anatomy is always looking for new couples and seeing April and George become best friends and then lovers could have been quite nice. Discreet, not always sure of themselves and naturally kind, the 2 characters had some points in common that would undoubtedly have brought them together but we will unfortunately never know what their relationship could have looked like. So we focus more on the future and while waiting for season 17 of Gray’s Anatomy, we noticed some strange exchanges between Meredith and her sisters …


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