Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) may have teased the return of Izzie Stevens in episode 4 of Grey’s Anatomy season 17.

After the unexpected return of Derek Shepherd in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, we know that another character will return in the next episode of the series. The promo video of episode 4 “You’ll Never Walk Alone” announced that a new surprise will await Meredith and fans of the medical series. If the mystery remains for the moment, some Internet users are now convinced that the one who will come back is Izzie Stevens, since Ellen Pompeo would have teased the answer on Twitter… By sharing a gif of Meredith and Izzie! Under the tweet, we could read messages like: “Is that a clue to his comeback?”, “Is that a spoiler on what to expect?” or “Izzie is going to come back and she and Jo are going to fight, that’s what that gif means.”

But in reality there is very little chance for than Ellen Pompeo leaked the return of Katherine Heigl in the sequel to Grey’s Anatomy season 17. If we go by the last episode, the beach on which Meredith is located is the bridge between life and death, represented by Derek. In her dreams, the surgeon is therefore only supposed to see deceased people … And Izzie is not! We bet more on the return of Lexie, Mark, George, or even the parents of Meredith, Ellis and Tatcher. In short, still a multitude of possible names, as Ellen Pompeo also confirmed by tweeting: “If you really think about it … It could be a lot of people.” While waiting for the broadcast of episode 4 of Grey’s Anatomy season 17, Krista Vernoff has revealed the reason why she chose to make Meredith positive for the coronavirus.


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