Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy will definitely be very different from the others.

After revealing to you the words of Krista Vernoff who explained why Meredith caught the coronavirus in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, it is still not very encouraging news that we bring you. Although ABC has not yet given an official number, according to TVLine there will only be 16 episodes in this new season, which has therefore not finished being affected by the coronavirus and the filming problems it has caused. Also because of the pandemic, this is likely to change in the coming months since a new wave could still delay the shooting of the next episodes.

The poster for season 17 of Grey's Anatomy
The poster for season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy – Credit (s): abc

A priori, season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy will air until December 17 before resuming on March 4 after its hiatus, as it usually does. If the new season is limited to 16 episodes, it will be the smallest season of the series after the very first season of Grey’s Anatomy, composed of 9 episodes. But even if it turns out to be shorter than the others, we already know that between the coronavirus, the return of a mythical character from the season premiere and the next intrigues that await us, this season will be remembered. While waiting to see the sequel, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) could have teased the surprise return of Izzie Stevens in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy …


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