Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy could be full of surprises.

While we were talking to you there are few of Meredith’s worst defects while waiting for season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, it is today to another character that we are interested, one who is no longer in the series since the end of season 14: April Kepner. Played by Sarah Drew, April has unfortunately not been part of Grey’s Anatomy for a long time but since she is not dead, we cannot overlook the possibility that she will return to the series at one time or another. And all the more so that for the moment, the series in which Sarah Drew appeared has not really been resounding success.

April kepner

The chances that April will return one day, and why not in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, are all the greater since it has a concrete link with the characters still present. She and Jackson have a child together, which means she is never far away. And we know enough about the scriptwriters’ habit of bringing back old characters to accentuate the drama at the most opportune time. After all it is thanks to Izzie that they were able to get Justin Chambers (Alex) out of the series … Even if we do not hope that April could one day serve as justification for the departure of Jackson, we know that his presence remains a card to play.

Could Sarah Drew return?

Ideally, April would return to the series gradually so that things don’t seem too forced. She could first appear through her daughter before becoming part of more and more episodes. We already know that his interactions with Jackson are always interesting, and Grey’s Anatomy begins to be sorely lacking in really familiar faces after the departure and death of many characters. All that to say that since we are starting to feel the imminent arrival of the end of the series – it will have to stop one day – this is the time when ever to bring April back.



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