He won’t be in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy but that doesn’t mean we forgot Derek Shepherd.

After listing details of Meredith, the heroine of Grey’s Anatomy, which everyone has forgotten, it’s Derek Shepherd’s turn to go under the microscope. The neurosurgeon may have died a while ago, but that doesn’t prevent us from remembering from time to time his attractive smile. And since, precisely, he’s been out of the series for several years, we imagine that a lot of fans forgot some interesting details, strange – or both – that we have learned over the seasons. The first thing, which we learn from the first season, is that Derek loves ferries very much.

Derek Shepherd

Derek is such a fan of ferries that there are some on his surgical cap, and the latter was also passed to Meredith after his death. The second thing that some may have forgotten over the next 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy is that Derek saw his father being shot when he was a child, and Amelia was with him. A sad memory of course, but it should also be noted that, unable to save his father, Derek then decided to become a surgeon and therefore ended up saving many lives. The tragedy of his childhood will at least have led to a brilliant career.

Alex and Izzie's wedding

Finally the third thing that we tend to forget about Derek is that it is to him that Izzie and Alex owe their marriage. We do know that they were married in place of Meredith and Derek, but it wasn’t Meredith who gave the idea to Izzie. When the latter tells Derek that she sees Alex in her future, Derek tells her that she should marry Alex using the preparations already made for Meredith and himself. It is therefore thanks to him that the young couple was able to formalize things in Grey’s Anatomy, even if the result – as we remember well – was much less romantic …



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