The year 2020 has been difficult on all sides, and especially in some series.

The Series World Cup – which you can vote for right here every day – isn’t always fun. Eh yes, today we come back to the big drama, and the scenes of series which clearly brought tears to our eyes. Here are just a few and don’t hesitate to complete the list in the comments. Watch out for spoilers!

Judith and Daryl – The Walking Dead

Judith a peur que Daryl parte <3
Judith is afraid that Daryl is leaving

After a lot of hesitation between this scene and the scene of episode 9 in which Carol cracks up while talking to Daryl, it is finally little Judith who, for us, wins the prize of the seum. After having to say goodbye to her mother, Judith doesn’t want to talk about Rick’s possible survival to Daryl for fear that he too will go looking for her. And as much to say that the young Cailey Fleming can win all the Oscars in this scene where she broke our hearts.

Lagertha’s death – Vikings

Lagertha's death ...
The death of Lagertha … – Credit (s): history

We knew it was going to happen, but that didn’t make it any easier to see. The Seer’s prophecy came true in Season 6 when Hvitserk stabbed Lagertha to death and we don’t really know if it was his last breaths or his funeral in the following episode that marked us the most. In any case, we are sure of at least one thing: Katheryn Winnick and Lagertha will be greatly missed.

Farewell to Murtagh – Outlander

An excerpt from the episode – Credit (s): starz

Jamie has lost a lot of people in his life, and it was his godfather that he had to say goodbye to in Season 5 of Outlander. Heartbreaking farewells which add yet another layer of drama to an already rather difficult season for all the characters. Maybe one day we can be spared by Diana Gabaldon and the writers from Outlander but for now, get out the tissues for season 6.

Bailey’s miscarriage, Alex’s departure and DeLuca’s distress – Grey’s Anatomy

Alex’s departure – Credit (s): abc

Yep, who says Grey’s Anatomy said mad drama. And Season 16 was no exception with many poignant and heartbreaking scenes. We therefore chose 3, those that were particularly hard to take for the characters and that will change their lives forever. Chandra Wilson looked more stunning than ever as Miranda Bailey during her miscarriage, but Giacomo Gianniotti was no slouch as DeLuca. Andrew suffered a major seizure and discovered his diagnosis of bipolar disorder in a chilling plot. Finally, the moment Meredith, Jo and Bailey read Alex’s farewell letter will be forever remembered – whether we approved of that ending or not.

The death of Nairobi – La Casa de Papel

: ‘(- Credit (s): netflix

Netflix has done in total abuse in the new season of La Casa de Papel by killing Nairobi after spending most of the new episodes torturing her. An incredible character and fan favorite, Nairobi left The Professor’s team in a scene that made us all scream in front of our screens.

75% of season 4 of This Is Us

Another emotional season – Credit (s): NBC

Those who watch know it : This Is Us this is a big dose of drama with just the right amount of comedy to boost the morale of viewers before plunging them into yet another tragedy. Always so touching, season 4 gave us a glimpse of a difficult future for the Pearsons and even if we can not wait to see the sequel we will not lie to you, we also dread a lot.


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