This is the big day ! You’ve been waiting for her for a year and she’s finally back. The 2020 Series World Cup has just launched and all you have to do is vote for your favorite show …

The Series World Cup is back for our greatest pleasure! Every year, the serivores come together to vote for their favorite series. In 2019, it is Stranger Things, the giant Netflix which won the competition hands down. But then, for this new edition, who will be voted best series of the year? Stranger Things does she still have her chances? Who could overshadow him? Grey’s Anatomy? Lucifer? The 100? Or Arrow…? Thirty-two series, divided into eight groups, face off again in this fierce competition to try to climb to the top of the podium. But as you know, their fate is in your hands and you must not relax your efforts! Only your votes will allow your favorite series to advance in the adventure …

Do the Hawkins children still have a chance?
Do the Hawkins children still have a chance? – Credit (s): Netflix

The votes are finally open! The 2020 Series World Cup has started and has many surprises in store for you … This year, you will also be able to discover a little novelty concerning our special group. If in 2019, the French series were in the spotlight, this time, it is the Teen Shows that will make a big place in this competition. Six cult series, which have marked an entire generation, compete to win the trophy! Between The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Dawson, Newport Beach, Les Frères Scott or Pretty Little Liars, which show will unleash all passions? This 2020 World Cup series promises to be intense and thrilling and all these series are waiting for one thing … that you vote every day of the competition for your favorite. Prepare for frenzied fights and duels as close as those encountered during the 2019 World Cup series!


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