Greg Yega has changed a lot by participating in the Marseillais! Maeva Ghennam’s ex has unveiled an old photo of him where he is unrecognizable …

Over the years, some candidates have experienced a real glow up, and according to some Internet users Greg would fall into this category! The candidate of Marseillais in Dubai, who is currently working with Maeva Ghennam via social networks, is currently in Marrakech and is preparing to join the shoot shortly Objective rest of the world, where he should land as a guest star. The participation of Greg Yega in Objectif rest du Monde has also greatly shocked Maeva Ghennam, who insulted him! The writing of melty lets you discover her incredible physical transformation below …

Greg has metamorphosed!
Greg has metamorphosed! – Credit (s): Instagram solife_gossip

On this Instagram post from a fan account of Greg and relayed by the main interested party, we can see that over the years the candidate has lost a lot of weight and has experienced a real physical transformation! We can read : “For that we say in life as long as a Man is not dead, never neglect him. Greg Yega you go out far and you are far ahead now”… A metamorphosis completely assumed by the Marseillais which adds: “It is God who gives my Bebew” ! He is unrecognizable … Also discover here how Greg and Maeva Ghennam clash again on social networks.

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