A photo of Greg’s injury after his argument with Mélanie Orl is circulating on the web. We let you discover it right here.

By approaching Greg in The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6, Mélanie Orl has drawn the wrath of Internet users who did not hesitate to lynch her. Anyway, today the two candidates of W9 are still in a relationship! And this, despite the very big argument they recently had. We remind you that the Instagram account @shayaratv said: “About two hours ago there was a HUGE argument between Greg and Melanie in their hotel. Melanie bit Greg and Greg was bleeding all over the place. The woman at the front desk heard loud screams coming from their room. Melanie was screaming and Greg was screaming phew! “. And a photo of this injury is circulating on the web …

Greg's injury
Greg’s injury – Credit (s): Instagram shayaratv

On this screen that was taken from Greg’s Snapchat, we can clearly see that he is injured just below his lip. We therefore suppose that that would be where he would have been bitten by Mélanie Orl … Obviously, these are only assumptions! The two lovebirds did not mention this argument, nor this famous injury which would have been caused by a bite. On the other hand, they appear more in love than ever on social networks. So everything is going very well between them! Otherwise, Melanie Orl recently revealed that she finds Greg a little too clingy with her and she explained herself.

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