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Greg and Maeva separated for Valentine’s Day, Mélanie Orl reacts and tackles them


For some time, it has been said that Greg and Maeva Ghennam were in a fake couple to make the buzz … So, info or intox? What is certain is that today, they are no longer together! It turns out that Greg would not have appreciated the evening that Maeva Ghennam spent with Akram for Valentine’s Day. It must be said that the latter covered the beautiful brunette with flowers, while offering her a luxury watch and bringing her to a large hotel. Greg then let it be known that it was better to be alone than in bad company! And Maeva Ghennam did not fail to react to the tackle Bebew and it’s violent…

And Maeva Ghennam you’re not the only one to have reacted to this breakup… Mélanie Orl did not hesitate to do so on her Instagram story where she writes: “Spending Valentine’s Day with your BFF is the basic wesh. Especially if he proves to you more than your boyfriend that he loves you. Lol bars.” The pretty blonde has long been in the middle of this couple and today, she takes great pleasure in commenting on what is going on between them. Moreover, Mélanie Orl recently let it be known that she was going to hesitate a little during the broadcast of the Marseillais in Mexico… We can’t wait!

Greg confirms his breakup with Maeva Ghennam

Mélanie Orl’s Instagram story has not yet reacted to Maeva Ghennam and Greg… On the other hand, Bebew made it known that this break was final. On the social network, he has just written: “Anyway babes, this Valentine’s Day made me realize a lot of things. There’s an expression that says ‘better late than never’. I’m not here to break sugar on this person, nor to victimize me. But, we’re more on the same wavelength. Even if for her, it’s already been done for a long time. With that, I’ll stop pissing you off with that. At least, it’s said “. A message that he punctuated with emojis that are sad … That says it all!



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