Will season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy bring back the well-known credits of the series?

While the 2020 Series World Cup continues on melty – and you can continue to vote right here every day for your favorites – we are patiently waiting for the next season of Grey’s Anatomy by asking a very specific question. Where did the credits of the series go and why did it suddenly disappear? The most logical answer, and therefore the most likely, is that the credits took time out of the episode’s time and so the writers decided to cut it to save a few minutes in order to include them in the episode itself. even. Yes, every second counts …

The credits of Grey’s Anatomy – Credit (s): abc

Even if this allows the episodes to be slightly longer, we admit that we would have liked very much that Grey’s Anatomy keeps its credits, and see it brought up to date with the same principle but some new images for season 17. A credits plays a huge role in the construction of the identity of a series, and small images comparing the private and professional life of surgeons on “Cozy in the Rocket” from Psapp left its mark on fans from the start. Could it be that season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy renews with this old tradition and takes up a credits?

The beginnings
The beginnings – Credit (s): abc

It is a possibility, but it remains unlikely given the number of seasons now passed without any introductory music. Meredith’s monologues at the start and end of each episode serve as an opening and closing point, but there may be one episode in particular where we can see the credits again: the very last episode of the series. After all Grey’s Anatomy knows how to play on nostalgia and the fact that many of their fans have been following them for more than 15 years. Taking us back in time with a few notes would be just one of many ways to get back into the familiarity of the series and remind us of all that will be missing when it’s over.


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