The coronavirus will be addressed in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy and Teddy could well catch it …

The Series World Cup continues on melty and you can vote every day right here to win your favorite. While waiting to know who will win the trophy, we are interested in the rest of Grey’s Anatomy, whose shooting will finally resume. Even though the season 17 air date on ABC is far from arriving, we already knows that the new episodes will focus, among other things, on the coronavirus epidemic that touched the whole world. And by some theories, we might already know which doctor at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital would catch him: Teddy Altman.

Teddy soon to be ill?
Teddy soon to be ill? – Credit (s): abc

Like other doctors, Teddy recently went to a conference where she might have come into contact with infected people. It would therefore be consistent for her to be infected with the coronavirus. The other reason is more dramatic than logical and concerns Teddy’s love story.. At the end of Season 16, the latter cheated on Owen again with Tom, but this time Owen realized it. It could therefore be that he is put in a delicate position if Teddy ever catches the coronavirus and sees himself severely ill, or even possibly intubated due to respiratory problems.

Teddy and Owen
Teddy and Owen – Credit (s): abc

It would look like the series of put Owen in a position where he is angry with Teddy but is also very worried about his health. Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy would thus make it possible to integrate what is happening in the medical world in an effective way while keeping a good foot in the fictional drama so as not to encroach too much on the reality of this disease which is still a huge problem. victims in the United States. Obviously Teddy was not the only one to be at the conference and other doctors could be affected, in particular by direct contamination like Tom … But we will have to wait a while before knowing it.


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