The Last of Us Part II, Days Gone and God of War: three major exclusives of the PlayStation 4. Games now in decline, in boxed version, up to -71% at Rakuten and FNAC.

The dematerialized is good. But having the game in physics is always a little bit of a treat. And these are precisely three big PlayStation 4 exclusives, delivered in their boxes, which are now offered in reduction. Enough to take advantage of major titles from the Sony machine while saving money. For this selection, the drafting got their hands on The Last of Us Part II, which had largely convinced us in our test, but also God of War, or even Days Gone, which also received a good reception in our columns. Promotions up to 71% that will give you hours of play, seen on September 3 at 5 p.m.

The Last of Us II down 21%!

Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part II

€ 54.99
The Last of Us Part II

Let’s start with one of the latest and most acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusives and gamers: The Last of Us Part II. Sequel to the first title of Naughty Dog, on PlayStation 3, this time it is about playing Ellie, who has gained popularity, in her bloody furious race to kill a certain Abby. Infiltration, tense scenes, emotional sequences, stunning graphics … The Last of Us Part II is a must-have in a player’s game library and benefits from a 21% drop, bringing its price down to 54.99 euros. Without forgetting that promotional codes for FNAC are available here, to lower its price a little more. Note also that three months at Deezer are offered, for online purchases, valid from 02/09 to 15/09 midnight.

Days Gone and its huge 71% drop!

Bend Studio

Days gone

€ 20.14
Days gone

Another exclusive to the PlayStation 4, which immediately gave gamers mouth watering at the first gameplay images: Days Gone. Developed by Bend Studio, the title puts in the shoes of Deacon St. John, a biker and bounty hunter in a post-apocalyptic America where zombies are now on every street corner. And by zombies, we mean zombies by the hundreds, able to run. Because this is the impressive strength of Days Gone: making the player sweat with huge waves of enemies like World War Z! To take advantage of it, you will only have to pay 20.14 euros with this decrease of 71%. Not to mention the Rakuten promotional codes, available at this address.

God of War and its price broken at -25%

SIE Santa Monica Studio

God of war

€ 14.99
God of war

Even lower than Days Gone, this is the huge exclusivity of SIE Santa Monica Studio which is now down 25% with a price of 14.99 euros: God of War. “Reboot“of the famous franchise, it is once again to play as Kratos in this adventure with sublime graphics in which the hero acts as a father figure. Unlike previous beat them all episodes, God of War is an action game ultra nervous adding RPG elements, with a skill tree, the possibility of improving weapons and abilities, and exit The Blades of Chaos since our hero is fighting here with the Leviathan Ax. Once again, promotional codes for FNAC are available just here, and three months free for Deezer for online purchases, valid from 24/08 to 06/09 midnight.


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