Nintendo’s portable console, the Nintendo Switch Lite, is currently displayed at a preferential rate at Rakuten. A perfect offer for those who were hesitant to nab it!

A year ago now Nintendo was able to unveil the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, a less expensive version of the console, only portable. In other words, no way to connect it to its television via HDMI, this console will be especially practical for those who wish to use it only for its portable side.. While we are still awaiting news concerning a Pro version of the Switch (even if a lot of information has already been leaked in recent weeks), this same Nintendo Switch Lite is found displayed at an excellent price thanks to a discount at Rakuten.


Nintendo Switch Lite on Rakuten

€ 179.99
Nintendo Switch Lite on Rakuten

Thus, the Nintendo Switch Lite is normally displayed at a price of 199.99 €. It is 100 € cheaper than the ‘classic’ console. Here at this moment, you can find the console for € 179.99 at Rakuten, which corresponds to a reduction of 20 € on the base price of the console. Not huge, maybe, but that’s always what to take: with the remaining 20 €, we can buy a cool game, like for example The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild, also spotted in reduction recently. In addition, if you wish, you can benefit from coupon codes or a cashback at Rakuten at this address, just to lower this price from 179.99 € a little more.


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