New promotion and not the least. The ultra fun Borderlands 3 FPS, recommended to many, is now down 50% for its PlayStation 4 version. A good plan to find below.

Owning a game is cool. When it’s in its box, it’s a little extra pleasure. Because the dematerialized will never replace the pleasure of the physical, the editorial staff offers you its selection of video games at discounted prices, spotted on various online sales sites. Recently, three games signed Ubisoft were offered on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. Not to mention the nice drop for Doom Eternal, the fast FPS of the summer, marketed during containment and acclaimed by the players, the press. Today, it’s a first-person game of another genre that interests us: Borderlands 3, on PlayStation 4.

Playstation 4

Borderlands 3

€ 29.99
Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is available on PlayStation 4 for 29.99 euros, in its pretty box. A price noted at the time of writing, September 8 at 6 p.m., while promotional codes are available at this address. Enough to do, a little more, lower the price of Borderlands 3! A sassy FPS in a universe in the grip of madness in which it will be necessary to prevent the Calypso Twins from conquering the galaxy. In this four-person game, a plethora of fun weapons are on offer, with a big emphasis on looting and progressing your character with unique powers.


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