New information on Godzilla vs. Kong allowed us to learn more about the plot of the film as well as several characters!

The blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong is eagerly awaited by fans of the MonsterVerse. If the first trailer saw the giant lizard bursting its fury, the new information unveiled by Comic Book Movie and Collider will in any case have enough to arouse our curiosity. During a filming visit in March 2019, several American media had the chance to go behind the scenes of Godzilla vs. Kong. The opportunity to discuss with the film teams and in particular the producer Alex Garcia who revealed that the confrontation of Kaiju and the giant gorilla of Skull Island would actually take place five years after the events of Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. An interesting detail which could explain the change of camp of the dinosaur.

Godzilla vs.  Kong.
Godzilla vs. Kong. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

The bizarre behavior of Godzilla should be at the heart of the plot. According to Alex Garcia, the giant lizard will attack several cities for no reason, prompting Monarch to act against the monster and seek help from King Kong. Moreover and through the fight of these two creatures, the military agency will fight Apex. Also managed by humans, it is described as “a monumental organization acting in a harmful way”. In this context, Madison (Millie Bobby Brown) and Josh (Julian Dennison) will attempt to defeat Apex as the tiny group appears to use Godzilla in an attempt to injure him. Besides this, the future enemy of Monarch should use the services of Ren Serizawa, Shun Oguri having teased some details about his character.

Godzilla faces off against Ghidorah in Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters.
Godzilla faces off against Ghidorah in Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Ishiro Serizawa’s son will take center stage in the film. However, his interpreter has revealed that he will work for Apex as a scientist, which should not put him on the side of the good guys. Conversely, the character of Brian Tyree Henry, Bernie Hayes, seems to want to help that of Millie Bobby Brown. Being a former employee of the Apex organization, this follower of conspiracy theories should infiltrate the conglomerate in order to expose his true intentions. Along the way, he will befriend Madison and Josh as these protagonists also have to deal with MechaGodzilla. If the arrival of this new monster has already been teased thanks to a leak, King Kong and Godzilla will have to face the ghost of Ghidorah through it, as explained by the director Adam Wingard during an interview relayed by “I think Ghidorah is sort of haunting the movie.” An astonishing confession which could however indicate a particular link between the former enemy of the giant lizard and its robotic counterpart. Did Apex conduct experiments on Ghidorah’s skeleton to create MechaGodzilla? An interesting question that could offer a spectacular turnaround for the film, the release of which is expected (for the moment) on March 24, 2021 in French cinemas.

Credits: ComicBook, Screen Rant, Collider.


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