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As God of War Ragnarök prepares to land on Sony consoles, it has already been confirmed that it will be the last opus dealing with Norse mythology…

God of War Ragnarök: Why not make a trilogy? The screenwriter responds

Indeed, this was formalized several months ago already. Although such news may make some people happy, others are quite disappointed that they won’t be able to see Kratos and Atreus evolve in this same environment in the future. To answer fan questions, the studio wanted to express itself via a making-of video.

“The question of whether the Norse saga was going to be a trilogy or just two games was something we debated a lot,” said lead author Rich Gaubery. ” There were obviously pros and cons to either approach.. So we waited for Cory Barlog to step in, and he did.” And he said: “Let’s do it in two episodes”.

“The consequence of this is thatit is necessary to define how to summarize this story in a single game and do justice to Ragnarök? similarly says senior producer Ariel Angelotti. “This game is bigger than we originally imagined. There are a lot of important moments in the story that we needed to cover. There are more characters whose threads we follow. And, ultimately, it ends up making the game bigger and more epic.”

Whatever, God of War Ragnarok will appear on PS4 and PS5 from November 9th. Moreover, you can now consult our preview dedicated to the first four hours of play.

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