In addition to the revelation of the price and the release date of the PS5, Sony was able to reveal tonight a whole bunch of trailers and information concerning various games to be released on its next console. And hold on tight: there is something very, very heavy, and even the unexpected!

It was maybe the last conference Sony before the release of the PS5, then inevitably, it was necessary to put the small dishes in the big ones. First, we got the price and the release date of the console, after months of waiting. But that’s not all: a whole bunch of games planned for the new Sony platform could be revealed, or unveiled a little more in depth during this presentation.. For the more impatient, who are especially interested in a PSN card for the PS4, the latter is available for 42 € instead of 50 € at this address. We will come back here to everything that has been revealed in the latter.

Final Fantasy XVI, a PS5 exclusive

The unexpected good news!

We start with an enigmatic trailer at the beginning, and as soon as we see a chocobo, we understand: this is a new Final Fantasy game! We can discover a little of the narration, the gameplay (which ultimately seems very close to what we could have had in the remake of FF VII, even if we do not yet know if there will be a tower dimension. per turn as in the latter). The name is more than simple: Final Fantasy XVI! An announcement that many did not expect, and which is very pleasing, it must be admitted. Especially since the game will be a PS5 exclusive …

A new trailer for Miles Morales

A gameplay demo that reveals the full extent of the game’s capabilities

It is one of the most anticipated games for the launch of the PS5: Spiderman Miles Morales is revealed a little more thanks to a long gameplay demo which allows to discover how the game evolves, with fights, more calm moments .. We learn a little more about the game’s narration as well. One thing is for sure, the gameplay looks airier and more versatile than ever before.. We are still entitled to some QTE, but after all why not, the game in any case seems to offer action all the time.

The new Harry Potter game is revealed

A dazzling trailer

The Harry Potter game of Avalanche is also entitled to a trailer, which reveals incredible environments, pretty crazy graphics, and above all a base universe that looks super well respected. Hogwart’s Legacy is very promising, to be sure, and we will have to follow it very closely. The game is scheduled for 2021, so we will have to wait …

A gameplay demo for the upcoming Call of Duty Cold War

Something to make fans of the license want

We already knew a lot about this new Call of Duty, but it’s always nice to learn more, especially via this new gameplay video that allows you to get an idea of ​​next-gen graphics and campaign content for the next game from Activision’s famous license.

Resident Evil VIII Village gets a new trailer

A trailer that makes you want

It’s no surprise, but Resident Evil VIII Village will also be part of the PS5 roster. We have known this for a little while already, but here we can discover a new trailer that allows you to get a better idea of ​​the game’s narration, but also of its graphics, which look dazzling.. The game seems to offer its share of horrors, and it will not displease fans of the license. The game is also announced for 2021.

First gameplay footage for the Demon’s Souls remake

A trailer that reveals a world larger than life

Hordes of fans were waiting to hear more about the famous remake of the first game “Souls” from From Software, and there they got what they wanted: we are entitled to a gameplay trailer which reveals in particular that the game looks more accessible from the point of view of playability compared to the original. Moreover, the game is splendid, and reveals various interesting atmospheres. We are obviously entitled to a boss fight, because this is where the bulk of the experience will lie.. In short, the mission seems accomplished for From Software … It remains to be seen what this will give to its release, which has no date yet.

A first look at God of War II, and a release fork

A teaser that nobody expected

No gameplay, no trailer, but a teaser, and it’s already that: God of War II has been revealed for a release in 2021. An announcement that is sure to drive fans crazy for the initial reboot, which is undoubtedly one of the most important games of its generation.

The PSPlus gets better, and offers PS4 backwards compatibility!

A great idea

A new trailer lets you discover a whole bunch of PS4 classics, including the games Batman, God of War, The Last Guardian, Detroit Become Human, The Last of Us Remastered, Persona 5 … All that to say one thing : now, PS5 PSPlus subscribers will be entitled to a collection of downloadable PS4 games immediately upon release of the console.

But also…

Devil May Cry 5 is coming to Sony’s next console

Deathloop, with its gameplay that inevitably recalls that of games like Dishonored, is revealed a little more thanks to a gameplay trailer that allows you to discover a universe that is half cyberpunk, half spy. The gameplay feels more arcade than ever, which could bring a breath of fresh air to the single-player FPS genre. We also discover that Devil May Cry 5 will be entitled to a port on PS5, a Special Edition, which should make a whole bunch of players happy. Of course, we have something new for the next Oddworld, with a new trailer. Five Nights at Freedy’s will also be entitled to its new game on PS5, called Security Breach. Obviously, the trailer is there to freak out, and we must admit that the mission is successful. So much for this conference, which will have had its share of surprises and announcements that make you want to!


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