Gims fans dreamed of it and he did it. This Wednesday, October 5, the rapper unveiled the cover of his brand new album, which will be released on December 2. Entitled Mozart’s Last Will, the latter will pay homage to the famous musician whom Gims considers “a UFO, a tenor”. On this cover, Gims appears in the middle of men dressed in white sheets, in an all-white setting and seated on a white throne. This blanket would almost look like a crypt. For his fans, this album cover is once again ” unbelievable » and is even compared to « art “. The rapper is used to show off.

Moreover, to announce the forthcoming release of his album, the singer unveiled a first title, entitled ” Now on RTL. Through the lyrics of this song, the artist wanted to ask ” sorry to his audience“.It’s a way of saying, ‘listen, I think I did some stupid shit, like a lot of us, I may have made some bad choices, but I have to keep going. to advance‘“, he said at the microphone of RTL. In any case, he assured that this piece represented “his life”. It is true that Gims has come a long way since his debut in the group Sexion D’Assault. If at the beginning, he did not know how to manage notoriety, he learned “on the job”.

Gims back on December 2

It’s easier because now I’m 36, so I’m supposed to have understood a lot of things, and I’m really accountable.“, he acknowledged. This new album, which comes out two years after Fléau, promises to be very personal“, as assured gims. Rhythmed by pop and the 1980s, Mozart’s last wishes should talk about him. This year 2022 is full of twists and turns for the artist, who announced that he would soon be part of The Voice Kids adventure, as a super coach.


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