Ghost of Tsushima has only been out for a few months as clues about a potential sequel are already starting to multiply. Once again, a job posting posted by Sucker Punch seems to indicate that Jin Sakai’s adventures may well be extended.

Elected Public Game at the Game Awards 2020, Ghost of Tsushima undeniably marked the year for a lot of players thanks to the experience it provides. A nice stroke from Sucker Punch, who thus offered the PS4 an ultimate true exclusivity that we will remember. And if the title has welcomed a new game mode, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, a few months after its release, it seems that the eyes of the American studio are already turned to the future. Last October, one of the job advertisements indicated that the team was looking for an author and artist familiar with the culture and traditional history of Japan. It didn’t take much to assume that a potential sequel to Ghost of Tsushima was currently in the works.

Job posting posted by Sucker Punch
Job posting posted by Sucker Punch

Today, it is another index of the same magnitude that is once again pointing in this direction. Always from its recruitment site, Sucker Punch has indicated that he is looking for a Combat Designer. And interesting element to note, the offer indicates in the necessary requirements that the person must “Having played Ghost of Tsushima and understood its main combat systems”. This is starting to give a lot of clues, especially since over three years of experience developing AAA games is also required. So, is Ghost of Tsushima 2 really already on the rails or is Sucker Punch planning to create a new license that would take place in a similar universe? The future will tell.

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Credit: Jobs Sucker Punch


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