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A few days ago, we were able to discuss with the singer Dorely about her next EP, her artists of the moment etc. And today, we continue to invite you to discover artists to follow absolutely. Geeeko is a young rapper and singer from Brussels, originally from Burundi. At 13, he started having fun making his first sounds on Audacity while still living in Africa. His music is nourished by his very diverse influences. Today, the artist is back with several months of absence with a new triptych entitled Level. For the occasion, the editor of melty was able to discuss with him about his musical influences, his featurings with Frenetik, his dream featuring and the preparation of his album. It’s to be discovered right here! And in the rest of the musical news, the Dj Master KG has just unveiled the music video of “Shine Your Lights” with David Guetta and Akon.

Geeeko – Credit (s): Kamila K Stanley

melty: Hi Geeeko! How would you describe your musical style?

Geeeko (singer and rapper): It is mostly a mixture of emotions. I don’t want to categorize myself in a box. I’m not just a rapper or just a singer, I do both. I can even try other styles because I don’t necessarily put barriers on myself. I am above all someone who expresses emotions on different productions. They’ve already tried to put me in a box but I didn’t feel comfortable there. Because when you get stuck in a box, when you try to do something else, people will say that you have changed and they will not understand. Whereas when you do not fit into a box, you are free to do whatever you want.

melty: Who are your influences?

Geeeko : My influences will be Don Toliver, SAINt JHN, Travis Scott of course and on the French side, I listened a lot to the old Jok’air, Laylow also a lot. Anything that’s really melodic in fact. Rappers really took me a long time to get interested in them.

melty: You just released a new LEVEL triptych, can you tell us about it?

Geeeko : It had been 7 or 8 months since I had released new sounds, but it was by choice. We really wanted to take the time for me to mature. I worked with Krisy for the production and it was really human exchanges. And he and his whole team really helped me make the music that I always wanted to do, as sincere as possible. In these songs, I talk about a bit of everything. I took subjects that I had already covered but in a different way to show that I really “level up”. The three titles are very different, for example “Ok” is very trap. But I also made an afro sound. I always wanted to do one because I’m from there and it was important to me.

melty: To accompany the release, you unveiled a short film. What did you want to say in this video?

Geeeko : This is really my “level up”. The voice of my friend Virgil tells a little about my transition between when I discover my girl, that she makes me a little calmer and just after there are the evenings traps. Because I, in fact, often identify myself as the trap guy, who’s just there to screw up and mess around. And there precisely with this project and this short film I show that it interests me more than that. The shoot was something! We shot it all in one day and it was super hot. But the team was very professional so it was really cool. Very nice experience.

melty: The clips of your songs are also very worked. Would you say that for you music can be watched as much as it can be listened to?

Geeeko : Thoroughly. Before, we could just say to ourselves: “The music is good, it’s good”. Now it’s a bit more complicated. People need a visual, to have an identity to attach themselves to. If the visual is not necessarily good and the sound is good, there are a few who will say to themselves: “Ok, no worries”. But, there is a lot that you will lose. That’s why, I like to take the time and limit being very boring. If it doesn’t speak to me, it doesn’t speak to me. I want the best possible result.

melty: You also recorded several sounds with Frenetik. What is it like to work with him?

Geeeko : Ah, Frenetik is something! Because, he’s someone who really likes to party. But actually, if you party with him when you’re at the studio, you have to tell yourself that he’s not like you. Because he can party, get off a bottle of Jack and go write a confident text. Looks like he ain’t even a drop of alcohol in his blood (laughs). But you, you will try to follow him but it’s not the same thing! The guy is too strong. And on top of that, he’s a really good friend that I knew before we made music, so it’s always bars when we’re together. It was even logical that we did sound together.

melty: With whom would you dream of doing a feat?

Geeeko : Right here right now ? Laylow! Just for the experience. In fact, I want to understand how he does it all. Its creation process must be something incredible!

melty: What’s next for you?

Geeeko : I am currently preparing an album. We have already done a lot of the sounds, we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves. I think it’s going to be released in early 2022. It’s going to be really different sounds from each other, I really did everything. I opened up a lot more, I took a lot more risks because I was with people who allowed me to take risks. There is a sound where I am talking about when I arrived in Belgium. This is the first time that I have told about my arrival in Europe, how I felt, how complicated it was etc. It was important for me to indulge myself a little more and to tell my story because I’m not the type of person who denies where he comes from and who for whom he is just a Belgian. I know very well where I come from and I will never forget. In short, stay connected!

Credit: melty


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