Game of Thrones ended more than two years ago now, George RR Martin creator of the literary saga confessed to being disappointed with the series after season 5.

Isaac Hempstead recently revealed his reaction when he learned of Bran Stark’s coronation in the final season of Game of Thrones. This time, it is George RR Martin who confides in his concerns after season 5 of the series. Indeed, the first five seasons come directly from the books published by George RR Martin, the sequel having not yet been written the producers had to continue the series by doing without the story of Martin. The fifth book in the saga was released in 2011, the year the series debuted on HBO. However, the last two have still not been completed, which caused problems for Game Of Thrones series.

Arya stark
Arya Stark – Credit (s): HBO

“George had a lot of affection for Dan and Dave (the creators). But after Season 5 he started to worry about the path they were taking because George knows where the story is going. say ‘You don’t follow my role model.’ The first 4 seasons were stuck in George’s roadmap. But from the fifth, the showrunners took their independence. “ says Paul Haas, writer’s agent in HBO’s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers James Andrew Miller. Although George RR Martin shared his desires for the rest of the story, not everything was kept.

Paul Haas goes on to announce that he doesn’t know who will ascend the Iron Throne at the end of the books: George didn’t tell me who would get the throne at the end of his arc; he won’t tell anyone. I believe his book publisher and book agent know that, but I don’t. And I’ve been representing George since 1992… So I have no idea where it’s going, but the bottom line is that the end of the book is a more satisfying experience than the end of the series. ” It is therefore obvious that the writer will try to satisfy his fans as best as possible.. The end of the series had disappointed many fans around the world. In fact, a Game of Thrones prequel is coming soon.


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