If we come back mainly to the creators of games in Gamer ID, we do not forget that for the past few years, players have also been part of the video game ecosystem, becoming for some sometimes better known than certain developers. It is a phenomenon born in parallel with the democratization of the Twitch platform and livestreaming, which has made it possible to starify video game players. We have already been able to come back to the story of XQC or Shroud, two players who became international stars thanks to their talent and personality. Today, we focus on one of the veterans of the scene, a certain Sodapoppin.

A livestreaming veteran

Gamer ID: Sodapoppin, the veteran of the Twitch scene

Chance Morris is an American streamer active on the platform owned by Amazon, Twitch. He joined it in 2012, after leaving Xfire on which he previously officiated. From his beginnings on Twitch, he mainly played World of Warcraft, which was one of the most followed games on the medium at the time. Moreover, at the beginning of his career on Twitch, half of the users of the site follow him. From WoW, he then began to broadcast other types of content, including gambling: in 2014 and 2015, he spent a lot of time broadcasting his Blackjack games to online casinos.

Trend setter

Gamer ID: Sodapoppin, the veteran of the Twitch scene

Then, over the years, it has become a major figure in streaming, offering a lot of variety in the games and content it offers. IRL, variety, he plays all types of games and meets with increasingly intense success, thanks in particular to his tongue-in-cheek personality. He thus contributed to the popularization of Fortnite before the game became a Battle Royale, and he was the first streamer to have played Among Us, his session on the Innersloth game having resulted in a viral trend with other streamers.. In short, Sodapoppin is one of the most influential personalities in the world of video games today, capable of creating real hype around a game after spending a few hours on stream.


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