Bran’s election as head of Westeros surprised a lot of people in Game of Thrones season 8, and yet …

While most of the series are in the midst of the battle to win the 2020 Series World Cup which you can vote for right here every day, Game Of Thrones continues to reveal some of its secrets. Today it is once again season 8 that we will talk, and in particular the choice of Bran as the new sovereign in King’s Landing. After being suggested by Tyrion, Bran was chosen to rule Westeros but on the side of certain characters like that of the televiewers, the surprise could be with go. Yes, why choose the Three-Eyed Crow to watch over humans?

Theon in season 8
Theon in season 8 – Credit (s): HBO

If Bran had already explained that he was not interested in Game of Thrones, it would seem that that quickly changed since he then confessed in season 8 of Game of Thrones that he was destined for it. However, we admit that we would have had quite a few other suggestions, but it’s not as if we had had our say … One character in particular did not hesitate to name Bran as king, however, it is Yara Greyjoy.. And if we wonder what were the motivations of many characters to choose Bran, it’s different for Yara who, we know, appointed Bran following the sacrifice of his brother.

Yara in season 8
Yara in season 8 – Credit (s): hbo

Theon sacrificed himself in Episode 3 to protect Bran from the Night King and his army of White Walkers. Therefore, he seems natural for Yara to honor her brother’s sacrifice and decide to nominate the one he died protecting to rule Westeros. Even though Yara only had a minor role to play in the entire saga Game Of Thrones, his brother was one of the most controversial figures and was of great importance to many members of the Stark family. Knowing that her brother died for the one who became the King of Westeros may therefore have represented some comfort, however small, for Yara.


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