Game of Thrones season 8 is questionable but according to Maisie Williams nothing will ever surpass the series.

It has now been over a year since the very last episode of Game Of Thrones was broadcast on OCS and it is for this reason that it is not part of the World Series Cup 2020. But you can vote every day right here for your other favorite series and until you know which one will win the trophy, we look back at the adaptation of the saga of George RR Martin and what, according to Maisie Williams, makes it unbeatable. The young actress who played Arya Stark for 8 seasons recently opened up about her experience and what it means for her professional career.

Arya stark
Arya Stark – Credit (s): hbo

Speaking of his new series Two Weeks To Live, the British actress said: “It’s probably not the most challenging thing I’ve done. But that’s also why the timing was perfect, because I’m just out of 10 years in hell! Well no, 10 years of happiness “. Yes, it’s good to Game Of Thrones what is it? and like many of her former co-stars, Maisie Williams often has to meet expectations that she will find a role in a series as major as Game Of Thrones.

The end for Arya
The end for Arya – Credit (s): hbo

Yet the young woman keeps her head on her shoulders: “What we did in Game of Thrones was unprecedented, and if you try to do something like that again, it’s bound to be a failure. Because this kind of thing only happens once in a lifetime. such a hit with the public, seen by millions of people around the world … Nothing will ever get better, so there’s no point in searching “. A very wise way of seeing things that confirms what everyone already knows, despite season 8 of Game of Thrones and its controversies, the series signed HBO has made history and is not likely to be equaled or surpassed by so early.


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