Season 8 of Game of Thrones had flaws, but that doesn’t prevent the series from being one of the best on the small screen.

New year, new Series World Cup you can vote for right here every day! However fans of Game Of Thrones Guess it, this year the series adapted from the novels of George RR Martin is not part of the competition but that does not prevent us from talking about it. We are going to talk about positive elements in particular, since despite all the criticisms she has received, Game Of Thrones remains an exceptional series for several reasons. The first and foremost is how she impacted the global television landscape by setting record after record.

A not so bad season
A not-so-bad season – Credit (s): hbo

Game Of Thrones at been the most downloaded series, the most watched series all over the world … In short, the craze was such that it will forever remain a benchmark in terms of media treatment. The second reason is its underlying plot which lasts from the very first episode to the very last.. The title indicates, it is above all a “game of thrones” and on this side, the part of the contract is clearly fulfilled. Political intrigues, manipulations, betrayals … Everything has been thought out so that each character is ambivalent and participates, voluntarily or not, in the “game of thrones”.

A mixed end
A Mixed End – Credit (s): hbo

Finally the third reason comes quite simply from its characters. Admittedly, Daenerys’s was completely sloppy in season 8, but that doesn’t mean that everything is to be thrown away. Overall the behavior of the other characters is consistent, and season 8 of Game of Thrones shows the culmination of a grueling personal journey for most of them. What to always be attached to, even to those considered “bad” some of whom also inherited a controversial ending – like Cersei and Jaime. Reasons to which can be added the graphic quality of the series or its soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi. In short, season 8 is to be forgotten, but the series will remain cult whether we like it or not.


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