If there is one murder committed by Joffrey Baratheon that we have not digested, this is it.

Joffrey Baratheon is a sadist who portrays Voldemort, yet responsible for the deaths of several characters fromHarry potter, for an amateur. So it’s rather complicated to elect the most gruesome murder of all those he committed in his (thankfully) short life. However, we do agree with the Screen Rant site that killing the prostitute Ros was clearly the most awful and unfair to us! On this occasion, his cruelty to the weak and the oppressed is expressed in all its horror. In season 2 of Game Of Thrones, Tyrion had risked defending Sansa Stark against his nephew, before offering him a birthday present in his image: a night with two prostitutes from Petyr Baelish’s brothel. To take revenge, the King then ordered one of them, Ros, to assault her colleague, with the sole aim of revenge on Tyrion!

Ros – Credit (s): HBO

If only he had stopped there … But in Season 3, his sadistic impulses developed further, and Ros bore the brunt of it. By the time the Queen-to-be, Margaery Tyrell, took an interest in her crossbow, it felt like something terrible was about to happen. And it did not fail! Joffrey Baratheon, who derives his enjoyment from the submission of his victims, pushed his cruel games on the prostitute by hanging his corpse pierced with arrows above a bed. Murder: the only way for him to scare others and assert his power, given his lack of physical strength! To say that even her mother, Cersei Lannister, was taken aback by so much cruelty is revealing. In fact, she blamed herself for her son’s behavior, which she blamed on her incestuous relationship with her brother Jaime. We know your stomach is upset, but don’t forget to vote for your favorite series every day during this 2020 Series World Cup!


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