We tell you all about the origin and the Machiavellian plan of the terrifying villain of Game of Thrones!

Even after eight seasons and 73 episodes, you still haven’t figured out who the Night King is? Do not panic, melty is here to light up your lantern! Already, you should know that the big bad guy of Game Of Thrones (than Dune surpass, according to Jason Momoa) does not have the ugly face we know him since his birth. He was born into the First Men community twelve thousand years before the events of the series, before being captured by the Children of the Forest. During a magical ritual, one of them, Leaf, stuck a piece of Dragonglass in her heart, and her eyes and skin turned blue. But this cult, which aimed to create an army to protect them, turned against them, and so the White Walkers were born and ransacked everything in their path during the Long Night!

The Night King
The Night King – Credit (s): HBO

Fortunately, the First Men and Children of the Forest then buried the hatchet in order to fight the Night King and his soldiers, and confine them (yes!) Behind the Wall built for this purpose. It is only much later that he threatens Westeros again, and that he comes close to winning the game, since he is killed in extremis by Arya Stark! It must be said that he is endowed with gifts as scary as they are powerful, such as cryokinesis (the ability to freeze things and people), necromancy (being able to resurrect the dead), a force of superheroes, with longevity out of the ordinary ... According to Bran Stark, this villain wants to plunge the world into an eternal winter and erase the world and its memory. To the delight of the other characters in the series, he did not succeed! And to find out why incest among the Lannisters has been controversial in Game Of Thrones, unlike the Targaryens, it’s right here.


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