Discover the musical news that should not be missed this week.

Like every Sunday, it’s time to take stock of the musical news that you shouldn’t miss this week. Let’s start with PLK which unveiled the futuristic clip of its title C’est Mort. We continue with Gambi who released his first album “Life is Beautiful”, Ninho and Hamza who recorded a featuring together! And we can tell you that at melty we can’t wait to listen to that. And speaking of collaboration, FA and SCH also recorded a title: Smile. It is available on the latest Lefa album “Famous” and the clip was released on Friday, we let you discover it just below.

We continue with Rilès who unveiled his new EP “LVL 36”. Adele and John Legend who would secretly prepare a collaboration for the singer’s new album! It’s the newspaper The sun who released the info. In addition to John Legend, Raphael Saadiq would have produced a few titles … We can’t wait to find out more! And finally, Camila Cabello was forced to cancel her Romance Tour … Until next week we invite you to listen to our playlist of new releases for the week with Gambi, PLK, Lefa, Gims and many other artists again. You will inevitably find what you are looking for because there is something for everyone!


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