Gambi and Heuss L’Enfoiré in feat on In space, the first images of the clip have just been released (VIDEO)

Gambi begins the year 2020 well with a featuring and a clip that promise to be memorable.

2019 saw the birth of some phenomena in the field of music and among them a certain Gambi. The young rapper saw his career take off that year thanks to his titles “Hey oh” and “Popopop” which allowed him to rank in the top of the world charts on Spotify, incredible! The artist who has just started his career is already positioned as one of the biggest heads of French rap alongside among others Koba LaD or Maes who is featuring with Booba and JUL on his next album. After having prepared the ground well last year, Gambi continues his ascent this time in the company of another prince of the game.

It is thanks to a video that looks like a Hollywood movie trailer that we have been able to catch a glimpse of the first funky images and melodies of the next Gambi clip featuring Heuss L’Enfoiré, and it looks terrible! It must be said that this collaboration was expected by many, since the two rappers have a musical style which is not so distant and which favors the atmosphere, the melodies and the fast rhythms. The two artists are then a bit the stars of the parties right now and nothing can delight us more than to learn that they are going to release a track together. Especially since the song in question is called “In the space” , what a dream ! We can’t wait until January 17th for its release, meanwhile you can already pre-save is not the single beautiful? In the rest of the music news Cardi B would be back and unveils a new unreleased extract …

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