Some fans of the Friends series were very surprised by the creator’s apologies!

A few days ago, the creator of Friends apologized after admitting a glaring error in his streak. Indeed, after actress Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), so it was the turn of Marta Kauffman to make his mea-culpa about the lack of diversity highlighted by some critics of the show. Given the tense social context across the Atlantic and anti-racism solidarity movements like the Black Lives Matter, the producer took the opportunity to express regrets about her previous scriptwriting choices. Moved to tears, she explained: “If I had known what I know now, I would not have made the same decisions at all“.

Surprisingly, the news does not seem to have been well received by all fans of the series. Indeed, if some congratulated the awareness as well as the speaking of Marta Kauffman, others however strongly opposed it. And for good reason, some very surprised Internet users still do not understand the criticisms made of the series concerning its lack of diversity. Worse, for them, it is even rather the opposite! Friends would be a series ahead of its time that would have highlighted different minorities like the LGBT + community (as demonstrated by the tweets posted above). Moreover, shortly after these declarations, the twittosphere ignited completely to the point of placing the hashtag #Friends in TT for several hours. Proof that the debate has raged within the fan community. And you, what is your opinion on the matter? Also discover this “honest” trailer of Friends which reveals all the faults of the series.



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