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FPS with the best single player campaign


These excellent first person shooters provide an extremely successful single player experience. What to have a great time, without necessarily having to fight against other players in multi.

In general, when we talk about FPS in 2021, we especially want to address these popular multiplayer games like the eternal Call of Duty or Apex Legends, or even tactical FPS like Valorant or CS GO. Overall, FPS = multiplayer for many. But that would be forgetting that lots of excellent single player games offer extremely pleasant experiences, and that this vision is not necessarily synonymous with a game to be experienced together.. So here, we will come back to these excellent FPS to do alone, just to enjoy a super cool narration and gameplay.

Half-Life 2

The absolute classic

It is the absolute classic of the single-player FPS, the one that has allowed (with Half-Life first of the name) to give its letters of nobility to the genre. With its completely revolutionary physics, its mysterious and cryptic history, its iconic characters and its gameplay which leaves a large part to the freedom of the player, it will have completely changed the face of video games.

Metroid Prime

We are impatiently awaiting his return

What can we expect, this Metroid Prime 4! Metroid Prime 3 is already over 14 years old, and inevitably, many players lack the license. And for good reason: they were excellent platform / shooting FPS, offering a rare immersion for the time. Even today, they are particularly absorbing and have not aged too much.

Resident Evil 7

The first game in FPS view for the license

Not only is Resident Evil 7 the first game in the series to use first-person vision, but it does so in the most beautiful way: this is an opportunity for the license to return to the front of the game. scene thanks to what made its success: survival horror. Here, we suffer a little everything that is happening and we freak out every second. The view in FPS also allows an unprecedented immersion for the license.


A game that has given back its letters of nobility to solo FPS

Dishonored will have had the gift of bringing a great wind of renewal to the FPS genre, which had been going in circles for a few years before its arrival. A gripping story, gameplay that plays on the agility of the player and some powers giving a feeling of unprecedented freedom of movement. Without a doubt a great game to try out for those who like single-player FPS.


A license not to be missed under any circumstances

Bioshock (and its Bioshock 2 and Infinite sequels) offers one of the deepest and most interesting stories in the single-player FPS genre. We are entitled to constantly twists and turns, a unique universe and ultra fun gameplay that offers lots of powers to players. An experience to be tested absolutely for sure.



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