Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is finally here! The opportunity to discover all the new features planned by Epic: a lot of new content to have fun online with your friends, with the heroes of the Marvel universe as the main theme.

Each new season of Fortnite represents an event awaited by tens of thousands of players, because it is the perfect opportunity to roam the areas of the game to discover all the new features brought by Epic. Season 3 was notably able to reveal a mysterious island hidden on the map. This season 4 is no exception, since a multitude of new content has been added, with the main theme of the Marvel universe. And we start with the battle pass: the latter allows you to benefit from the heroes of the Marvel universe. So, we will be entitled to Thor (level 1), Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk (level 22), Groot (level 38), Tornado (level 53), Doctor Doom (level 67), Mystique (level 80) and Tony Stark (level 93). For information, the price of the pass is 950 Vbucks (as usual) or around € 8 in its classic version and a little more than double if you want to unlock the first 25 levels instantly.

A new season that brings its share of novelties
A new season that brings its share of novelties

Of course, the map of the game has undergone some changes as well. First, the town of Pleasant Park has disappeared to make way for the Fief of Doom, with a Manor and a giant statue bearing the effigy of the famous Doctor Doom. We also discover the Sentinels cemetery, these robots built by the government to hunt down mutants in the Marve universel. But the most important addition concerning the map is the Quinjet: unfortunately, the latter is currently only used as a lobby for the start of the game. Of course, it is possible that it will become part of the map in the coming weeks. On the weapons side, we especially note that the tactical pump has been removed from the game. This should please some players, and disappoint others.. In short, we left for a new season on Fortnite with all these new features added by epic ! What to talk about Fortnite in a positive way, rather than by the shock of the titans of the legal fight between Epic, Apple and Google.


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