Epic Games has embarked on an unprecedented legal war against two of the most powerful companies in the world: Apple and Google. We come back to the events of last evening, which take on the appearance of a soap opera with unprecedented implications.

A pretty mind-blowing new soap opera has just unfolded before our eyes, involving two of the biggest companies in the world, as well as one of the most successful video game studios in recent years. This new legal fight pits Apple and Google against Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite. Let us come back to this situation, which has deteriorated in several stages. It all started when Epic added an “Apple-less” payment option to their game, in order to bypass the Cupertino company’s 30% tax, resulting in a V-Bucks price drop of around 20%.. It is strictly prohibited by Apple, and the firm immediately decided to remove the Fortnite app from its store in response. Already, things are taking an unexpected turn, but it didn’t stop there.

Who will emerge victorious from this Battle Royale IRL?
Who will emerge victorious from this Battle Royale IRL? – Credit (s): Epic Games

Epic Games had obviously planned its coup, since the company immediately announced to file a complaint against Apple in order to put an end to its “anti-competitive” practices.. A document that was ready well in advance, and which implies that Epic Games had everything planned. The other element indicating the premeditation of the American firm is a clearly satirical video montage taking up the concept of the 1984 Apple ad, released at the time of the Macintosh. This is also not the first time that Apple has been targeted by an anti-competitive charge. But what is even more amazing is that Google followed Apple in its tracks, in turn removing Fortnite from the Google Play Store, for exactly the same reasons as Apple. What does all this imply in the short and long term? For the players, not much for now: the game is still available for those who have already installed it on their smartphone, as well as all the data (skins, etc.). However, the game will not be able to benefit from the next updates a priori.. For the long term, we should be witnessing a particularly trying judicial episode, which we have, at the present time, difficult to see the outcome. The real question is whether or not Apple really has the right to use its store to allow access to certain applications …


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