This Thursday, October 6 is a big day for Aya Nakamura. Like many celebrities, the singer will be in the spotlight in Fortnite. Aya Nakamura will offer an incredible show during her virtual concert. Several musical shows will be offered to players under the name Onde Sonore. And as much to say that during these 72 hours, the surprises will be numerous. The artist will perform his flagship titles such as Girlfriends, Djadja, Comportement or DĂ©gaine. Internet users will therefore be able to enjoy this virtual concert from their homes.

After rapper Travis Scott in 2020 and pop star Ariana Grande in 2021, it’s the turn of a first French star to have the honor of singing in Fortnite. This event will therefore begin this Thursday, October 6 at 6 p.m. and will end on October 9. And to launch this great show, Aya Nakamura will be live with a famous Youtuber. To the delight of players and Internet users, Michou will also be there. A duo that should impress. Elsa Bois’ boyfriend just celebrated his 21st birthday. Moreover, to celebrate this new year, the Youtubeur had granted a two-hour live to his community.

Aya Nakamura and Michou as a duo

Michou will therefore once again be closer to its community. It only remains to know if his darling will also be present virtually, but with the rehearsals of Dancing with the stars, this remains unlikely. In any case, Michou and Elsa Bois spin the perfect love. And if for the moment, the Youtubeur dodges the question concerning a future marriage, the dancer has swung the info live. He would prepare the ceremony since his last premium of Dancing with the stars.


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