Are you a fan of pop and you dream of attending a concert despite the particular current context? Fortnite could well satisfy you in the future since a series of leaks reveals that an Ariana Grande concert is currently in preparation … among many other things.

It has now been over a month since Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 kicked off. Since then, the title has, as usual, received multiple updates to add new content. For example, we have seen famous sportsmen invite themselves to the party, like footballers Harry Kane and Marco Reus or more recently basketball player LeBron James. And as we can imagine, Epic Games is currently busy preparing future content which, if we are to believe recent leaks, will be truly sizeable. Elements have indeed been shared in a thread on Reddit, the person at the origin of the post claiming to have obtained the information of a leaker known for his reliability concerning the battle royale.

More than 27 million players attended Travis Scott's virtual concert
More than 27 million players attended Travis Scott’s virtual concert – Credit (s): Epic Games

Obviously, this remains to be taken with a grain of salt as long as nothing has been formalized by Epic Games, but here is what we learn. First of all, it appears thata new in-game concert, in the vein of what was done with rapper Travis Scott in 2020, is getting ready with American popstar Ariana Grande. The first tests have already been carried out. Casting side, characters from Justice League and Suicide Squad would be on the way to join the adventure, although their identity is still unknown. The studio is also reportedly in negotiations to obtain permission to integrate Naruto in the battlepass of season 8, which should notably include an explosive kunai as a weapon.

Still on Season 8, this one should include something called “The Sideways”. It would be a phenomenon similar to Stranger Things’ Upside Down that will unleash monsters in the game. The leaker also mentions the chapter 3 of Fortnite, which should come with a complete redesign of the map and bring new script elements. For example, the location of the Seven would be revealed there while one of the elements of the end of Season 7 will have repercussions thereafter. Finally, Epic Games would like to integrate monsters and mechs on the island but that shouldn’t happen right away. It remains to be seen if all this will be confirmed because as mentioned in the post, some elements are still subject to change.

Credit: Reddit


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