Following a lawsuit brought by consumers in the United States, Epic Games finds itself in the obligation to compensate certain players. If you are concerned, you could well get back 1000 V-Bucks …

Definitely, it’s the war on all sides right now for the Battle Royal and its developers. While Epic games is still in the middle of a clash against Apple, the firm has been subject to legal action in the United States against their old loot box system. Indeed, before the X-ray llamas took over, players could buy Random loot llamas in Fortnite’s Save the World PvE mode. The class action thus accuses Epic Games of having played on addictive aspect of his game, for entice consumers, often minors, to spend money despite the low probability of obtaining rare items. Fortnite is not the only game targeted by the complaint, since the studio is also responsible for Rocket League since the acquisition of Psyonix in 2019. However, free-to-play also had a random checkout system at the time. Moreover, if you are also part of this community, we remind you that you only have a few days left to enjoy the Lunar New Year event in Rocket League.

Random Loot Llamas Responsible for Fortnite Legal Action
Random Loot Llamas Responsible for Fortnite Legal Action

To prevent this problem from escalating, Epic Games has decided to reach an agreement to resolve the dispute. The studio has notably committed to donating money to players who once bought random loot boxes in Fortnite and Rocket League. And we have good news for you! Although the appeal was conducted in the United States, you can also enjoy it! Indeed, for the sake of equality, and to prevent future actions, Epic Games has decided to keep its commitments across borders. If you are concerned, you will soon discover 1000 V-Bucks in your Fortnite account. The players of Rocket league will receive 1000 credits. Then, if you’ve never bought a Random Loot Llama, don’t despair! You can always save money with packs of 5000 Fortnite V-Bucks on sale on Eneba. Moreover, if you want a change of air and leave Fortnite for a while, we invite you to consult this list of battle royal type games that should please you.

Credit: Epic Games


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