While Slimane has just released a new single, he said he was very close to Florent Pagny. Perhaps to the point of releasing a duo? The idea of ​​a collaboration seems well underway…

After defending the album versus in duet with Vitaa for three years, Slimane returns this time in solo. Her brand new single Recipe is now available since May 20. The singer even came to perform it on the set of The Voice during the grand finale. To the delight of fans, this title announces the upcoming release ofa new album. This is scheduled for the fall. This will be Slimane’s third solo album. He will succeed to sunhis latest success, sold more than 200,000 copies and certified double platinum.

Guest of the program Delighted to meet you on M Radio, Slimane explained what he believes is the best way to succeed: “I try to have a fairly normal life and have things to talk about that are normal too. I think that’s what feels good.” A quest for authenticity that Slimane learned as a candidate for The Voice alongside coach Florent Pagny. The adventure dates back to 2016 but since then the two singers have obviously remained very close. This was confirmed by Slimane at the microphone of Sophie Davant: “I consider [Florent Pagny] like someone in my family, really. And he was someone who turned my life upside down, who changed everything.”

Slimane discusses an upcoming collaboration with Florent Pagny

So, will the two men soon deliver a new duo to their fans? In any case, this is what Slimane suggests when he continues about his relationship with Florent Pagny: “I know he’s there, he knows I’m there. We write to each other, we may even work together soon. I really take him as an example in this profession, he taught me a lot.” In an interview given to Gala, Florent Pagny said that for his part, a new album could also soon see the light of day. And for this one, most of his relatives would have already written him a title. So is it in this context that Slimane talks about their next collaboration? Patience, the future will tell us…


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