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Florent Pagny: after giving reassuring news about his health, he is preparing a surprise for his fans


In a recent video, Florent Pagny gave reassuring news about his state of health. The singer continues his fight against cancer with optimism. And he is even planning a nice gift for his fans soon.

Florent Pagny has been fighting courageously against lung cancer for a few months. The interpreter of Know how to love announced the news to his fans last January, via a video on his Instagram account. Forced to cancel his upcoming tour, he had entered into a chemotherapy protocol… With the hope of overcome the disease. Since then, messages of support from relatives and followers of the singer have never ceased to flow on social networks. This Wednesday, May 11, it is through a new video that Florent Pagny wanted to give his news. And to everyone’s delight, they look pretty good!

“From the first two chemoimmunotherapies, my tumor, which was as big as a kiwi, turned into a hazelnut. Immediately behind, we sent heavy with radiotherapy and more intensive chemo. […] When all that will be a little reabsorbed, we will be able to know a little more about the results. But we are very confident.” These are the words that Florent Pagny had to explain where his state of health was currently. With the humor that we know him, the singer even took the opportunity to joke about his physical appearance. The latter being inevitably impacted by chemotherapy: “I changed my look a bit! […] But it’s okay, I’ll get used to it.” A lot of’enthusiasm and optimism so at the singer, who would even seem ready to restore happiness to his fans as quickly as possible.

A new album by Florent Pagny already being written

In his Instagram video, Florent Pagny of course wanted to look to the future: “I’m going to finish the chemo. […] And if all goes well, we’ll meet again next year to finish what I started. It will be called the 61st birthday tour!” The singer therefore plans to find his way back to the stage as soon as possible. But that’s not the only nice surprise he has in store for his fans. In an exchange on TF1, Nikos recently asked Florent Pagny if he was thinking of a new album. And he replied: “Yes, all my relatives have already written me a title.However, Florent Pagny does not want to skip the stages: “I need to bulk up a bit first before I record it because I’ve lost muscle. It would be difficult to sing for too long.” There is no doubt that this album promises to be full of strength and beautiful emotions…



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