We know that something concrete must arrive very soon for the long-awaited Final Fantasy XVI if we are to believe the recent words of its producer. However, we must not forget that other big projects are coming for the Final Fantasy license, starting with part 2 of the FF 7 remake. More concretely, it is on the occasion of the financial results of Square Enix that the latter confirmed that the current year will be particularly centered on Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy will soon give news

David Gabson, an analyst in the field of finance took care of summarizing what Square Enix announced as part of their financial report. We learn that the company plans to release several games this year, but that their efforts are focused on their most profitable licenses. What will please the fan the most is the fact that news is normally planned for the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy during this month or the next. We also learn without surprise that Square Enix is ​​betting a lot on Final Fantasy XVI which would already have a new trailer ready to be shown to the whole world.

Also note that the Final Fantasy series will celebrate its 35th anniversary on December 18, which can leave hope for seeing the 16th episode arrive in these waters. A website for the 35th anniversary of the license has also been online for some time and indicates that news are to come soon. Finally, Yoshinori Kitase had confirmed last January that he wanted to announce part 2 of the Final Fantasy VII remake during the year of the 35th anniversary of the series. Suffice to say that the coming weeks promise to be filled with great announcements to mark the 35th anniversary of one of the most famous video game licenses.


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