We come back to the games that will make the news of the week, and we warn you all about it: there will be something for everyone!

After a few weeks rather poor in terms of video games, we will be entitled to a lot of rather tempting new features over the next 7 days. And above all, there will be something for everyone: there is no shortage of genres in this selection of games that will be talking this week. and we start with a remaster of a cult Gamecube game, modified and optimized for many current media.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

The return of a game that worked the Gamecube

The famous game that required a GameBoy Advance in addition to the Gamecube to be able to play with friends is getting a new lease of life, this time on the latest consoles and without the need to connect by some obscure means to play with your friends. friends. Indeed, a brand new system now allows you to join your companions by internet to enjoy this spin-off of the Final Fantasy series. The game will be available on August 27 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS and Android. Be careful though, the game obviously doesn’t provide for local multiplayer, and that’s good to know.

Control: AWE

A new DLC for the game of Remedy

Control was part of the JV sensations of the year 2019, and it is therefore not surprising to hear a little more about it in 2020, especially with the arrival of new DLCs that allow this unique adventure to be extended, which has certainly won over more than one. This time, it’s the second DLC named AWE which is about to arrive on August 27, with a whole bunch of new mysteries to discover.

Tell Me Why, Episode 1

The new game from Dontnod

Dontnod’s Life Is Strange season 2 series has barely ended when the French studio is about to launch Tell Me Why, which promises to be a new narrative adventure featuring two twins, Alyson and Tyler, in a town fictional alaskan. As with most Dontnod games, while the storytelling feels very grounded in reality, that won’t prevent it from adding a hint of the supernatural as the story unfolds. The first episode of Tell Me Why will be available from August 27th.

Wasteland 3

A new CRPG that should appeal to fans

Inxile is the studio that notably managed Wasteland 2 but also the classic Western RPG Torment: Tides of Numenera. So obviously, Wasteland 3 promises to be particularly awaited by all fans of the genre, and that’s good, since the game is coming out very soon, namely on August 28th. Wasteland 3 was supposed to be released last May, but like many other games, the coronavirus has been there and caused the studio to delay the release. Fortunately, we are finally there!


An adventure game that should make your heart feel better

Windbound is a survival game set in a dreamlike universe that will be reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild. We are on cel-shading, ethereal graphics and the possibility of hunting in an open world in order to feed. This indie game will be available on almost all platforms starting August 28.


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