Fiji Ruiz has just revealed on her social networks if she is ready to stop reality TV for good. To find out everything, it’s here!

Lately, we told you about it on melty, Fiji Ruiz, who is accused of neglecting his animals, responded cash to one of his haters. By the way, speaking of the young woman, know, for those who would not have noticed it, that it is now more than a year that she has not set foot on the set of a TV show. -reality The latest? That of The battle of couples 2. Since this adventure, the candidate’s life has changed a lot. From now on, Fiji Ruiz benefits in Dubai alongside her darling Anas. But, her absence in the middle of reality TV worries some of her fans who wonder if the young woman will put an end to her television career.

Fiji Ruiz doesn't plan to remake a reality show
Fiji Ruiz doesn’t think of doing a reality TV show again – Credit (s):

As you can see from the snapshot above, during a question-and-answer moment on Instagram, a netizen asked Fiji Ruiz, who is reportedly set to marry Anas, if she was going to do a TV show again. -reality. Very frank, the candidate replied: “I do not think so”. So that is clear, dear meltynauts. The former best friend of Mélanie Dedigama would indeed be ready to stop reality TV and put an end to her television career. This news risks saddening the fans of the young woman who were only waiting for one thing, to find her on their screens.

Credits: Instagram: fidji_ruiz


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