A recent FIFA 22 leak suggests that the traditional FUT Champions Weekend League will be completely overhauled in this new installment.

Although the release date of FIFA 22 is not yet known, we already know that the game is expected to be released. end of 2021. In the meantime, EA’s next game is already talking about him. After the announcement of the ousting of Pierre Ménès comments, this week a leak informs us thatFUT Champions could be totally changed in FIFA 22. Well known to fans of the license, the FUT Champions Weekend League (or simply FUT Champions) is a very popular competition in which thousands of players compete against each other every weekend from Friday 9am to Monday 9am. Despite the great success of this weekly tournament, fans have often indicated that the number of matches to be played (30 matches to be played in a weekend) was too excessive. Good news, it seemsElectronics Arts finally decided to make some changes in the FIFA 22 FUT Champions.

FIFA 22: fewer matches in FUT Champions

According to the KingLangpard streamer, the number of matches to be played should drop from 30 to … less. As he put it in a tweet: “ The Weekend League will be no more than 30 games and … it will be less. No confirmation on the number for the moment! Unfortunately, the exact number of matches you will need to play during the FIFA 22 FUT Champions is not yet known. However, the reduction in the number of games to be played during the weekend remains good news for all license aficionados.

New rewards in FIFA 22 FUT Champions?

In addition to reducing the number of games to play in FUT Champions, FIFA 22 is expected to offer other new features. Still according to KingLangpard, the distribution and format of rewards from FUT Champions are also expected to evolve. According to the streamer, it will be possible to obtain certain players as a reward. Better yet, the higher your rank, the more upgraded version of the player you will have. In summary, the main modifications of FUT Champions would be:

  • A reduction in the number of matches to be played during the tournament
  • Obtaining unique players
  • The version of the players will evolve according to the rank reached

Even if these modifications are very attractive, to date Electronics Arts has been careful not to make the slightest comment on this subject. We must therefore wait to have official news from FIFA 22 to find out more. To take your pain patiently, do not hesitate to take advantage of FIFA 21 at the best price.


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