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Feuneu: Wejdene’s manager ends his career, Booba attacks him


For two years now, the singer Wejdene hit it! The huge success of the tube Anissa propelled the young woman to the front of the stage, with nearly 100 million views on Youtube. A success that she owes to her producer and manager firewood. The young man launched the career of Wejdene, which has released hits since its debut. Notably Anissabut also Coco, Re Where The best. Allowing to place the 18-year-old singer as a star, especially among young audiences. Always displayed together on social networks, the two artists never left each other. Because, Feuneu made Wejdene his little protegegiving him all his support in this early career, as he has never hidden it.

Thanks to Wejdeneyoung budding artist, firewood has never hidden either the fortune that his job brings him. In the summer of 2021, he announced that he had become a millionaire on his 25th birthday. And it is besides at the wheel of a Mercedes convertible that he had made these revelations. Like what, the career of Wejdene is already bearing fruit. However, firewood decided to take a whole new path. This Monday, October 17, the music producer spoke on Instagram, explaining that he was putting end of his career. ” The party is over. Music too… other goals will emerge for me”he wrote on his social networks with the caption “New life, thank you for everything”. We know one who is in danger of being confused…

Booba violently tackles Feuneu, the manager of Wejdene

Wejdene has not yet reacted to the announcement of his producer and manager firewood. But another member of the music world went there with his little comment. In fact, the rapper Booba reacted and violently tackled Feuneu on Twitter. “What career are we talking about, I haven’t followed everything I think 🤣🤣🤣 So who do you have to go through? I’m lost from this world it’s too much 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”, he wrote in a tweet. The rapper therefore once again makes the web react by openly mocking Feuneu. Booba is also well known for his Twitter tackles. He has been attacking reality TV candidates for several months now, Magali Berdah and influencers. Aka, the “influencers”. So, who’s next ?



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