For 5 months, Luna went through hell after having injections in the buttocks! An intervention which aimed to give more volume to the buttocks of the pretty blonde… But things turned to disaster and Luna contracted a bacterium, staphylococcus. The young woman was therefore hospitalized in order to be treated as best as possible. And if today, she is better, she will still have consequences for life! So when Feliccia promotes this kind of intervention on the web, Internet users ignite. For them, it is irresponsible to do this type of publicity…

For his AJA show on Youtube, Sam Zirah then contacted Feliccia who apologized. She said: “I regret a lot because I know that there are already two people who are hospitalized because of this. (…) I really highlighted the buttocks, I regret a lot because I put my community in danger. I will never do something like this again, I am very sorry for the situation of Luna and another woman. It was a mistake, I’m sorry, I apologize and it won’t happen again.”

Luna tackles Feliccia?

But a few hours ago, Luna just ranted on her Instagram story. The former Marseillais candidate said: “I don’t understand why influencers who advertise Nip/Tuck 2.0 are not punishable by law. Now, we are all aware that this practice is illegal and dangerous. By advertising, you are responsible for these people who, today, are devastated! There are things that should not be promoted. We are talking about acts that affect people’s health (…) The money will not go with you to your grave”. For the moment, Feliccia has not reacted… All that remains is to know if she intends to do so, once again!


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