Season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead promises to be very difficult for Morgan Jones.

The broadcast date of season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead is getting closer, and until October 11 you can vote every day right here for the series to give it a chance to win the 2020 Series World Cup on melty. And just to be patient a little easier, AMC recently unveiled new pics from upcoming episodes which, again, don’t bode well for Morgan. The survivor we discovered in The Walking Dead already looked shabby on the various promo videos unveiled so far, and the photos only confirm fans’ concerns.

Morgan – Credit (s): amc
Alicia – Credit (s): amc
Althea in danger
Althea in danger – Credit (s): amc
Luciana – Credit (s): amc
Dwight – Credit (s): amc
John and Victor
John and Victor – Credit (s): amc

As you can see above, Morgan looks on edge, weakened and especially lost. We already know that season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead is going to use time jumps, and Morgan’s hair and beard only confirms that. But even if he survives the Virginia attack, it is also known that Morgan will be pursued by a bounty hunter who will have to finish the job. It is therefore legitimate to wonder if Morgan will still be around at the end of the season, or if his weakened state will prevent him from defending himself against the many threats that await him, human as zombies.


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