Season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead may be very original …

After unveiling Alicia, Morgan and the others at the heart of intriguing new promotions for season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead, we invite you to discover what should be the title and the synopsis of the first episode. According to several sources, the season premiere would be entitled “The End is the Beginning”, or literally “The end is the beginning” and in this episode, a mortally wounded Morgan will have to make the decision to help a stranger or not while a bounty hunter tries to finish what Virginia started. Nothing too abnormal so far, yet several clues suggest that it will be the first episode in a long series of very special episodes.

Morgan jones
Morgan Jones – Credit (s): amc

Given the title, we wonder if the first episode of season 6 will not tell the end of a story that we will then see unfold in the form of flashbacks throughout the season. This could explain Morgan’s change in appearance which, as you can see from the poster above, seems to have taken a few years. We already know that the timeline in the new episodes will be complex and it would look like the showrunners of Fear to offer us a season completely upside down starting at the end. Although it will be until October 11 to find out, you can vote right here every day if you want to make FTWD win the Series World Cup!


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